Five Easy Tweaks That Can Enormously Boost Your Social Media Presence

Five Easy Tweaks That Can Enormously Boost Your Social Media Presence

by Daniel Heerkens July 19, 2018

Many people use social media in Southeast Asia. In fact, this region has the highest compared to the rest of the world. Southeast Asia’s social usage is at 51% more than the global average of 39% according to the 2018 Global Digital Report done by HootSuite & We Are Social. It also reported that more users are also accessing social media via their mobile devices with the number of monthly active users growing by 19% year-on-year.

It is no wonder then that Chief Marketing Officers are recognizing the power of social media marketing (SMM). According to The CMO survey, SMM budgets can increase from 11% to 24% by 2020. Data from the survey also suggests that 22% of SMM activities will be outsourced.

Data from advertising automation platform Nanigans indicates in its report (PDF) for Facebook Marketing Partners shows Southeast Asian companies who had used Facebook’s paid advertising campaigns have seen a 96% click-through (CTR) rate.

Image Source: EMarketer

According to Hubspot’s study of Digital Marketing in Asia Pacific in 2016, Asia Pacific marketers believe in the power of social media marketing. In fact, 37% of these companies have found success using Facebook’s paid advertising campaigns as an effective social marketing medium.

Image Source: Digital Report

Social media is a free tool. It was once used to demonstrate a “small world” connection between people and their new and old friends. Now, it has become an affordable avenue for publication, advertising, and marketing. Social networks can also create complete marketing funnels from Awareness to Advocacy if used for lead generation efficiently.

If you want to create an effective lead-generating social media campaign, then just keep in mind these steps.

Five Ways to Tweak Your Social Media Campaigns To Improve Your Presence and Leads

1. Create Viral-Ready and Value-Adding Content

You use the Internet to look for the best places to eat in a city foreign to you. In other cases, you use the Internet either to know a bit more about certain topics or for in-depth research. To integrate your content marketing efforts with your social network marketing and advertising, create content that adds value to consumers. These have the strongest likelihood of turning viral in social media.

Viral posts in social media tend to have the following characteristics aside from adding value:

  • Emotional
  • A theme everyone can relate to
  • Displaying uncommon talent
  • Provide a rare experience

Tips and ideas will always be value-adding content. However, any excellent deal that gives the customer an advantage is content that is viral-ready as long as it can deliver on its promises.

Singapore’s Scoot, a low-cost carrier brand similar to AirAsia and the Philippines’ Cebu Pacific is one example. In 2016, it launched its “Minute to Wing It” campaign.

Image Source: Design Prodigy

The campaign was to simultaneously celebrate its second year in business and create an excellent opportunity for promotion by using one-minute videos that asked audiences questions, which ranged from the number of people they can spot in a certain photograph to fun facts and trivia that can be searched online.

Participants who answered quickly received SGD2,000 in travel vouchers daily. Those who won in all their short video campaigns received the grand prize of two airline tickets for any destination the company covers.

The Singaporean Airline’s campaign saw 6,700 shares, 43,761 participants, and 6,017 new customers after its campaign finished. It also won the Singaporean Marketing Magazine’s “Agency of the Year Award 2017” for having the best digital campaign idea and best social media content during the time.

2. Create Engagements Through Continuous Engagement

If a brand responded to your comment, somehow, you feel elated. In fact, you feel that they’re watching their customers’ needs closely.

Engaging your customers in social media from comment threads to direct messaging can already deliver a unique experience.

However, it also helps your social media presence in a technical manner.

Facebook’s latest algorithm prioritizes posts with a high number of comments on users’ feeds including brand pages. Therefore, if there are more people discussing in the post, then the more visible the content becomes. In fact, seeing a great number of reactions for a certain comment brings the particular response as the top reply for the brand’s post

3. Livestream Your Most Important Events

Livestream features from Snapchat are now both on Facebook and Instagram. And if you’re not using it, now’s the time. It is a small social media feature about to become huge in the next few years.

According to Goldman Sachs, China’s livestream video market will grow up to $15 billion in 2020. The statement is based on the feature’s efficiency to gather individuals and create real-time discussion between the brand and their customers, and the audience with other audiences.

Image Source: Wikimedia

ZDnet reports that mobile livestreaming has grown from 60% to 95% in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. Most users are even investing 300-500 minutes viewing a brand’s livestream feature.

According to Skyword, the psychology behind livestream videos and video content, in general, is it creates suspense. Audiences have a fear of missing out. Livestream videos allow audiences to view events across the world instantaneously and communicate with the brand and their fellow audiences in real time, creating a unique experience like no other.

4. No Site Downtime (For Both Social and Company Sites)

This comes as a no-brainer. All social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are reliable networks with no downtime. With just a click of a button, your post is immediately shared with your audience. However, there are tools available out there that can help you schedule posts if you’re planning content in advance.

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With no downtime, businesses should ensure that their pages with linked content also do not have any downtime. While social media can drive awareness and even high traffic to your site, an unpleasant user experience because of a server downtime can drive away potential conversions.

5. Analytics To The Rescue

Lastly, make sure that you have Facebook pixels (if you are linking back to your e-commerce site) and other analytic tools ready at hand. Nothing is more difficult than making false guesses about the performance of your social media posts and engagement. Studying and interpreting your analytic data correctly allows you to develop content that is informative, engaging, and capable of becoming viral.

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Make sure to perform A/B tests based on information you gather on a regular basis. Some social media content can turn stale even after just three days of usage. In this light, make it a point to perform regular checks and updates where necessary for all your campaigns.


Social media is undeniably a powerful tool for business marketing. With millions of people active in each country at every minute, your marketing and advertising efforts have the strongest chance of succeeding. By taking note of these five, you can create a compelling campaign that can help you generate leads and improve your conversion rates.

However, understanding the analytic information your tools collect can be difficult at first. It is important to spend time performing A/B tests on your new promotional material to tweak your strategy for the best results. To help hasten the process and ensure your investments double their returns, it would be best to consult professionals with experience in interpreting, analyzing, and providing insight into your future campaigns.

If you’re still looking for help with your business’ social media strategy, 2Stallions can help! Drop us an email or contact us here.

Know other ways social media marketing is helpful in generating more leads for your business? Share with us in the comments section.

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