Six Compelling Reasons to Use Video Content in Any Digital Marketing Campaign

Six Compelling Reasons to Use Video Content in Any Digital Marketing Campaign

by Daniel Heerkens July 19, 2018

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video must speak millions. This must be the reason that 79% of consumers watch a video to learn about a brand and its product, according to a 2017 study done by Wyzowl.

In addition, 84% of consumers take action after watching an explainer video. This action includes signing up for a newsletter or ultimately making a purchase.

Video is everywhere. Outside social media, audiences watch five billion videos on YouTube every day and Cisco believes video traffic will become the largest traffic contributor for any brand by 2020.

If you haven’t considered making videos for your brand, now’s the time. It’s not that difficult to create a video content production if you’re prepared.

What It Takes to Create a Compelling and Excellent Video

Indeed, professional video content production takes great planning and coordination between producers, directors, talents, and other suppliers.

The characteristics of modern video content production are as follows:

  • Talent: You’ll need professionals to act and speak for you. You need experienced lighting professionals to illuminate video aspects you need. A good post-production team will give the high-quality result you’re looking for in professional videos.
  • Narrative: Producers and directors with experience in creating brand messages through videos can cost a bit. However, they guarantee a compelling narrative based on your objectives for the video. Under their helm, they can maximize resource allocation for an excellent production.
  • Internet Marketing: A digital marketing agency gives you insight about which video and content appeals to your target audience. They can also help you determine the right distribution channels and concise messaging that helps drive home your video’s primary objective.

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Six Reasons Video Content Get More Visibility

digital-tv1. From TV to Digital

Most Internet users are individuals who grew up used to mass media. The Internet’s evolution has changed and helped moved video from television to on-the-go and on-demand online video streaming.

Some claim that the new TV or broadcast media is social media. However, video content is overtaking the social networks as well. Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, sees 100 million hours of Facebook video views each day from billions of users.

Facebook once used top social media influencers to create live content providing a collective $2.2 million budget. It had gained more than millions of dollars in revenue in promoting its video feature.

2. Human Attraction to Movement

The human eye naturally follows movement. Static text is excellent content, but every marketer knows you only have 8 seconds (maybe even less) to convince an audience that the presented content is worth their time.

Videos should maximize its first 30 seconds to create a meaningful experience for audiences. According to Vidyard, humans understand a visual scene in less than one-tenth of a second. Text or audio requires more time to describe a particular scene. The human mind is able to piece each minute detail together quickly making video a most compelling and easily digestible format for audiences.

Additionally, Invisia’s research shows that 82% of Twitter users watch video content. This means more audiences prefer watching lengthy videos than reading 120-character microblogs, which are short enough as they are.

3. A Fluid Content Presentation Demanding Full Attention

Think With Google’s research shows that Millennials, which are the majority of smartphone users, are better focused when watching videos. This is because video is a very sensory medium, using more than one of your senses at a time.

While text only requires sight, and audio requires hearing, video is different. It combines the two, urging you to give your full attention. They’re processed 60,000 faster according to Vidyard which prevents cognitive strain among audiences. This compels audiences to stay glued to their screens for longer as they’re less likely to be distracted.

4. High-Quality Video and Content Builds Better Brand Authority

A high-quality video with superior production and research shows the lengths a brand is willing to go to in order to build a better brand image.

Going back to Vidyard’s research, videos are effective because they are visually stimulating and can create stronger connections with viewers. Even simple explainer videos that feature a speaking human combined with attractive visuals is enough to create a memorable connection that helps “humanize” the brand. If a brand is able to evoke a consumer’s emotions, they become more impactful and memorable, building a stronger brand authority.

5. Contributes to Better SEO

Videos with excellent content and production add value, entertain, and create a connection and a memorable experience all at the same time. This makes them viral-ready content that audiences can share quickly on social media.

When people share content, it inadvertently creates better backlinks, leading to better organic traffic to the source – you.

Even videos hosted on web pages can rank highly especially if brands manage the video’s SEO technicalities effectively such as metadata, targeted keywords, and others.


6. Mobile-Friendly and Accessible

Going back to Think With Google’s study, it found that 40% of audiences access YouTube videos through their smartphones. From their research, they discovered that 98% of 18-34 year olds watch video content using their smartphones.

In addition, majority of live stream videos, which are becoming more popular through smartphone live broadcasts, are streamed through small-screened devices. Indeed, having a TV in your pocket is convenient and the beauty of live stream videos is that they provide instant entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Wrapping Up

Videos are gaining popularity. As a medium, the shift from TV to digital is rapidly rising and video is evolving along with it.  There’s on-demand, online streaming, YouTube videos that make entertainment convenient and easily accessible to anyone.

Video also gains more attention because the human eye automatically locks to motion and can process images fast. It is because they are a highly stimulating medium that they are capable of bridging across emotions that helps humanize a brand.

If you want to get started on your first video content marketing campaign but are feeling helpless, 2Stallions are here to offer their expertise!

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